May 9, 2020

Hello world and welcome to my new blog

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Welcome to new blog Prisqua FYI

Welcome to my new blog, and I hope today is an unreasonably good day in your world.

Why the new blog?

Not sure yet.

Did I really need new blog?

Probably not, but hey, I love building them. It’s like getting a new toy, or a new gadget. Absolutely love it.

I’m in my fourth year at university, finishing my journalism degree, so I’ve been writing a lot more than usual, but mainly on my notepads because fountain pen and paper is still my favourite way of putting down my thoughts.

It was just one of those days when you tend to overthink everything, and it so happened I had to renew one of my domain names. The renewal price had gone up, so I decided to shop around to see if it was just on Crazy Domains or for all registrars. Prices seem to have gone up all around the net.

From one thing to another – possibly a mild case of procrastination, I ended up looking at domain name extensions to discover that there are so many of them nowadays.

When it used to be just a .com or .net, you now have an extension for about any purpose and the price can vary so much.

You can have almost anything related to a hobby, a job, or whatever else you might think of: .vote, .video, .toys, .tools, .style, you name it.

Prices vary greatly, and not sure on what they are based on. .accountants is A$122/year but .accountant is A$6. .baby costs A$100/year while .auto is A$3565/year which was the most expensive extension I’ve seen so far for a brand new domain name (auctioned domain names cost even more). Crazy, hey?

The extension that really caught my eye was .FYI,. Just in case you don’t know what FYI stands for, it’s “For Your Info,” so my blog is Prisqua For Your Info, and I like love it.


I didn’t really want another blog. Just the thought of having another website is kind of stressing me out a little bit.

I got rid of quite a few blogs in the past couple years. A blog/website is a lot of work if you want an audience or possibly want to earn money from blogging. When you have more blogs than you should have it becomes a struggle to manage  and it can be expensive.  For me, owning 20+ domain names was like throwing money down the drain as it all added up: 10 domains at $15-20 each and that’s up to $200 per year out the window just like that, especially if they’re not even set up to do anything.

As the end of my time at university is approaching and I will soon be a qualified journalist – not quite sure it means much, but you know … four years studying has been tough at times … and I still need a public space to write until my career takes a turn for the better, whatever it might be.

At first, I wanted to rebuild my author’s website which I’ve been using for most of my university homework, and maybe do a little bit of rebranding, but that didn’t inspire me. The set-up was wrong and there was just something I didn’t like about it.  and Instead I got rid of the whole website and redirected the domain to one of my blogs. Drop one, get one sounded like a better deal.

I have ideas as always, but not a definite plan for this blog just yet. will be whatever it will be, and I hope you will follow me and enjoy the ride.

Thank you so much for reading, and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


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