May 11, 2020

Who else has too many blogs?

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Who else has too many blogs?

Have you got too many blogs or many domain names accumulating dust in an account you can’t even remember the login details? I know the feeling.

I blog therefore I have too many blogs.

It’s not uncommon to buy domain names as it is rather cheap, but for most people, they’re just sitting in their registrar account.

I buy a domain because I like something and then build a blog.

That’s how you end up with too many blogs…

For example, I played Sims 2, so I had a blog for that. Then came Sims 3, so I got a blog for it. When sims 4 came out, of course I had to have blog about it. I love donuts, so I build a blog around beignets and donuts, and one about tattoo, and another one about my diet, etc. A never ending blogging story.

does this sound familiar: I’d write a few posts and then forget about the blog. Blogging always starts with good intentions. It’s a bit like starting a diet on a Monday and by Friday you’re off it.

I also bought a few pre-made blogs, thinking it would ‘somehow‘ help. it doesn’t make any difference.

Having a blog/website is work. Even if you do it for pleasure, you still have to maintain the website, so if you’re not going to write in your blog and build an audience, what’s the point in having one?

Having to pay to renew my too many domain names is what eventually made me delete them to only keep the essentials.

Blogs that remain
My first blog, therefore the oldest, therefore it had lots of old and irrelevant stuff, but I won’t delete it. and it’s my name. Some of the posts are from the blogs I have deleted, so it’s messy and has a bit of everything.

Something Simple Will Do is my official business business. I help small businesses and individuals with their WordPress websites and teach how to build and navigate their professional online presence. I also have which is the initials of my business name and redirects to my main domain. When space is limited, having a short domain can be handy, though you can use a shortener website such as Bitly. has been many things over the years. Stuzz is my step-daughter’s nickname, and bought the domain name just because it was available at the time and because it has nice ring to it. And it’s short. It will now be an online store and I’m still working on it. I’ve not worked with WooCommerce for a while and the plugin has changed, so I have to re-learn it. and are my Second Life blogs, so unless you’re on Second Life, they wouldn’t make sense to you. is my test site. It also has been many things and bought it because it was a nickname I was given many years ago by a man I love dearly. Since WordPress is always evolving, I’m forever trialling new themes, plugins, etc., and yes, I could use a subdomain, but I simply can’t let go of that one and I don’t have another use for it, though in the end I may just choose to redirect it to one of my sites as I haven’t needed a test site for a long time.

Having five blogs is still a lot and will require some planning and goals, but it’s more doable than 20. If I can write one post a day, five times a week, I’d be extremely happy with that.




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